Submissions from 2021

Diversity and Inclusion According to Thomas Aquinas, Justin M. Anderson

The True Roman Histories, David Beneteau

Generating Coronavirus Spike-Fc Antibody Fusions to Induce Immunity, Constantine Bitsaktsis and Daniel Nichols

The Automatizing Eye of Sports Television, Branden Buehler

Effects of Education Loans on College Student Transfer in the Unted States: Evidence from the Last Three Decades, Rong Chen

Expanding Bone Research Initiatives into Medicinal Chemistry and Environmental Sciences, Jessica Cottrell

Remote Cognitive Intervention in Parkinson's Disease: Impact and Adherence, Caryn Grabowski

Stocking up on Gifts: The Influence of Anchoring and Gender on Wealth, Jennifer Itzkowitz

Parent-Child Interaction Influences Children's Pro-Environmental Behaviors, Fanli Jia

A Virtual Study of Parents' Influence on Children's Spatial Reasoning, Amy Joh

Aristotle on Friendship in the Eudemian Ethics, Robert Mayhew

COVID-19 and International Health Care Assistance in Sierra Leone, Fredline M’Cormack-Hale

Did the Portuguese Invent Medical Triage?, Mark Molesky

NATO in Transition, Sara Moller

Faith and Reason in Tension: A Panoramic View of the History of Theology in the Nineteenth Century, Jeffrey Morrow

Hired to Fail? Examining Glass Cliffs in Education Leadership, Jennifer Timmer

Philosophical Physics, Victor Velarde-Mayol

Submissions from 2020

Removal: A Novel, Cara Blue Adams

Shiva in Jewish Reconstructionist Community, C. Lynn Carr

Translation of Pavel Haas: A Works Catalogue, Paul Christiansen

Youth Activism, Civic Learning, and Educational Policymaking in New York City, Alexandra Freidus

The Paradoxical Decline of Participatory Budgeting in Brazil, Benjamin Goldfrank

Independent Diplomacy, R. Joseph Huddleston

Transitional Justice and Racial Inequality in the United States, Zinaida Miller

Planning for the Unplannable: How School Principals Navigate the Unknown, David Reid

Ecology as a Key to Marriage and the Family, Joseph Rice

Women's Engineering Identity and Advancement Through the Internship Experience, Katie Smith

Mayor Mohamed, Jeffrey Togman

Dismantling the Paradox of Moral Education, Denise Vigani

Evaluating Systematic Risk of Bond ETFs, Kangzhen Xie

Submissions from 2019

Linking Vertically Related Industries, Pamela Adams

Utilizing Hip-hop to Support the Development of Science Geniuses, Edmund Adjapong

Examining Social Workers' Interest in and Commitment to Macro Practice: Learning From the Next Generation of Professionals, Dawn Apgar

The Metaphysics of Sexual Difference, Timothy Fortin

Let’s Talk about Race: The Experience of Race Talk for People of Color in Psychotherapy, Minsun Lee

Toward a Theology of Work and Rest: Jewish and Catholic Contributions, Jeffrey Morrow

Developing a Digital Mapping Platform to Identify Supply Chain Network Structure, Evolution and Performance, Penina Orenstein


Announcing 2019 University Research Council Grants Distinguished Faculty Cohort, Laurie Pine

Tabloid Journalism and Right-Wing Populism: The New York Daily News in the Mid-20th Century, Matthew Pressman

Silencing the Glucose Regulated Chaperones in Cancer, David Sabatino

Employee and Organizational Resilience, Andrew Simon

Are Moral Obligations Determined by Actual or Possible Free Choices?, Travis Timmerman

Defending an Aristotelian Ideal of Practical Reasoning, Denise Vigani

Taiwan and the South China Sea Disputes: The 1947 Map and the 2016 Arbitration, Zheng Wang

Submissions from 2018

Known Instrument Construct Validity Test for the Adolescent Domain Screening Instrument for use with an Anti-Social Population, Matthew Corrigan

The Effect of Multiple Myeloma Treatment on Bone Homeostasis in a Three-Dimensional Cell Culture Bone Model, Jessica Cottrell

Designed Polymer Materials for Ball Sealers: Controlled Solubility and Biodegradability, James Hanson

Route 66: Understanding the Series as a Television Milestone, Jonathan Kraszewski

Submissions from 2017

Targeting Molluscum Contagiosum Virus (MCV) Early Genes as a Novel Anti-MCV Strategy, Cosimo Antonacci

Effect of Cold Plasma Processing on Sweet Basil and the Biochemistry of its Essential Oils, Gerald Buonopane

Not Enough Representation: The Demographic Disconnect Between Congress and Its Citizens, Patrick Fisher

Are Environmental Issues Moral Issues? Moral Identity as an Impetus for Protecting the Natural World, Fanli Jia

The Ethnographic Tradition: Science, Empire and Ethnicity and Tsarist Russia, 1725-1870, Nathaniel Knight

Are We Ignoring History? An Analysis of Citations in Recent Chemistry Articles, Cecilia Marzabadi

Transition Time: International Law, Justice, and Post-Conflict Reconstruction, Zinaida Miller

Targeting Molluscum Contagiosum Virus (MCV) Early Genes as a Novel Anti-MCV Strategy, Daniel Nichols

India's 1974 Nuclear Explosion and the Global Nonproliferation Regime, Joseph O'Mahoney

Synthetic Protease: Protein Degradation as a Therapeutic Strategy, Monika Raj

Names and Identity for Transracial Korean Adoptees: A Cross Cultural Comparison of Identity Management, Jason Reynolds

Are We Ignoring History? An Analysis of Citations in Recent Chemistry Articles, Lisa Rose-Wiles

The Role of Community-Based Organizations in Guiding Families' School Choices, Carolyn Sattin-Bajaj

Data Materialized: A New Body of Installation Art, Courtney Starrett

The Impact of Real Estate as a New Equity Market Sector, Xiaoqing Eleanor Xu

Submissions from 2016

You Never Get It Back: Stories, Cara Blue Adams

Development of a Sensitive and Rapid Method to Detect and Quantify Harmful Cyanotoxins in New Jersey's Freshwater Bodies, Tin-Chun Chu

Determination of the Role of COX-2 in BMP-2 Directed Chondrocyte Maturation, Jessica Cottrell

The Effect of Mandatory Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs on the Use of Medical Care for Prescription Drug Abuse and on Health Outcomes, Anca Grecu

Evaluation of Artifact-Controlled Electroencephalographic (EEG) Training: A Pilot Study, Jeff La Marca

Journeys of Hope: African American Travelers in Quest for the Soviet Dream, Maxim Matusevich

Allegorical Interpretation in Aristotle's lost Homeric Puzzles, Robert Mayhew

Coalition Warfare in the 21st Century, Sara Moller

Reconstructing Past Human Diets and Environments in East Africa with Stable Isotopic Analyses of Enamel, Rhonda Quinn

Italian Jews and the Formation of a National Culture in Post-Unification Italy, Gabriella Romani

A Combination Approach to Cancer Therapy, David Sabatino

Physicalist Soteriology of Marius Victorinus, Ellen Scully

Trusting a Dictator: The Mystery of Investment in Dictatorships, Kwok Chuen (Terence) Teo

Submissions from 2015

Thomas Aquinas and the Rise of Contemporary Virtue Ethics, Justin Anderson

Philosophy and the Neuroscientific Search for the Soul, Mark Couch

Hammond Castle and American Medievalism, Martha Easton

In a Glass Darkly: The Eighteenth Century in Contemporary Media, Karen Gevirtz

Five Russian Friends of 19th Century Russian Jewry, Gregory Glazov

Based Behavioral Biases: Are Expert Inverstors Immune, Jennifer Itzkowitz

Redefining Postsecondary Diversity: Exploring Institutional Perception of Student Disability, Eunyoung Kim

L'Evangile et l'Eglise, Jeffrey Morrow

Lassoing the Bioactive Peptides: An Approach to Drug Development, Monika Raj

Toward Common Ground on the Common Core: Examining the Compatibility of the Common Core with a Catholic Philosophy of Education, Joseph Rice

On Tour with Robinson, a Narrative Poetry Sequence Written Towad Completion of the Manuscript Orpheus, Incorporated, Mark Svenvold

Submissions from 2014

Chains of Value, Chains of Power: Russian Energy, Value Chains and the Remaking of Social Relations from Vladivostok to Brussels, Margarita Balmaceda

The Greeks of Emprion 600-50BC (Emúries, Spain), Raymond Capra

Publishing Activities of the Italian Minority Population in Croatia and of the Italian Dalmatian in Émigré Communities in Italy, Marta Deyrup

A Longitudinal Analysis of Student Fees: The Roles of States and Institutions, Robert Kelchen

Teaching Mothers: Gender,Education and Poverty in Post WWII America, Vanessa May

Identification and Characterizaton of Molluscum Contagiosum Virus Immuno-modulatory Proteins, Daniel Nichols

Denying the Spoils of War: The Politics of the Nonrecognition of Aggressive Gain, Joseph O'Mahoney

A Cancer-Targeting Gene Therapy Approach, David Sabatino

Reason and Experience, Chaper 3 of From Conquests to Colonies: Authority Knowledge and Difference in the Portugese Empire, ca. 1700-1760, Kirsten Schultz

Second Death: Theatricalities of the Soul in Shakespeare, Donovan Sherman

Teaching the Violent History: History Education and Current Conflict Between China and Japan, Zheng Wang

Submissions from 2012

An Exploration of the Influence of Cultural Identity Development, Academic Self-beliefs, and Adjustment on At-risk Middle School Students’ Cognitive and Academic Performance, Margaret Brady-Amoon

Black Tea Polypheneols, Tin-Chun Chu