Submissions from 2005

Hans Urs von Balthasara’s Theology of Judaism: Trinitarian Anti-Marcionism and the Surprising Nature of Grace, Anthony Sciglitano

An Assessment of Faculty vs. Peer Tutoring in SHU’s Online Writing Lab, Kelly A. Shea

Adoption of Pharmaceutical Sales Force Automation Systems: An Exploratory Study, Sung J. Shim

Kant’s View of Philosophical Therapy and the New Field of Philosophical Counseling, Yvonne Unna

Submissions from 2004

Extremal Problems in Bergman Spaces, Catherine Beneteau

Secrets of the Ceramist’s Kiln, David P. Beneteau

Slavic Latin Literature, Frederick Booth

Development and Validation of a Scale Measuring Workplace Incivility, Pamela Foley

Intelligent Decision Making in Real Time Disassembly Process, Meimei Gao

Special Interest Groups and the 2003 Prescription Drug Re-Importation Bill, Omer Gokcekus

Media Coverage of the Nonprofit Sector, Matthew Hale

Governing Public Health in Post-Mao China, Yanzhong Huang

Validity Problems in Accuplacer’s Machine Scoring of Placement Essay, Ed Jones

The Road to Church Unity for Eastern Orthodox Albanians, Ines Murzaku

Rethinking the Display of Filipinos and Their Artifacts in the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, Cherubim Quizon

Synthesis & Characterization of Advanced Material in Search for Solutions for the Current Problems in Semi-Conductor Technology, Mehmet Alper Sahiner

Home, Jeffrey Togman

Research Essay: “The Common-Good Model of Corporate Governance”, William Toth

Mapping Prisoner Reentry in Newark, NJ by Natural Communities, Deborah Ward

Performance of Securities Investment Funds in China, Xiaoqing Eleanor Xu

Submissions from 2003

Completion of Ukranian Case Study for Book on Energy and Foreign Policies in Central-East Eurpope: A Means for Continued Russian Influence?, Margarita Balmaceda

A New Understanding of Good Faith in Employment Law, Robert Bird

The Sticking Properties of Copper Nanoclusters, Frank Curti

The Community Reader: Dialogues of the Past, Present, and Future, Nancy Enright

Protective Coatings for Dental Applications, Alexander Fadeev

Organizational Climate, Job Satisfaction, and Burnout Among Home Care Nurses, Linda Fisher

Organizational Climate, Job Satisfaction, and Burnout Among Home Care Nurses, Linda Flynn

The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Poetry, Jeffrey Gray

Are NMEs Our Enemies? Non-Market Economists and Western Trade Policies, Cynthia Home

How do High Schools Affect Student Postsecondary Educational Opportunities? A Multilevel Analysis, Shouping Hu

Functional Analysis of Poly C Binding Protein as a Transcription Factor, Jane Ko

American Educational Influence of China: Yung Wing and the Chinese Educational Mission Students, Edwin Leung

The Virtual Memory Performance of Stored Computer Code for Functional Languages, Marco Morazan

Law, Politics and Society: An Introduction to American Law; Section of Law-Making in the American Political System (chapters 6-10), Suzanne Samuels

Mortgage-Backed Securities: Return, Risk and Strategic Asset Allocation, Xiaoqing Eleanor Xu