About This Journal

The College of Arts and Sciences of Seton Hall University supports undergraduate research in all disciplines and has launched an initiative to disseminate students’ scholarly work in journal form. Student editors and contributors, with start-up support from faculty advisors from three principal academic areas, will collaborate towards producing an annual publication that presents rigorous undergraduate research.

Editorial inquiries may be directed by prospective authors to the faculty or student editors, preferably in the paper's most relevant area or discipline, or to the faculty member coordinating the journal during the pertinent semester (see editorial committee below).

Editorial Committee

Chloe Burke, Sciences Student Editor, chloe.burke@student.shu.edu

Clara Cusanelli, Social Sciences Student Editor, clara.cusanelli@student.shu.edu

Georita Frierson, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, georita.frierson@shu.edu

Mark Horowitz, Social Sciences Faculty Editor, mark.horowitz@shu.edu

Nathan Kahl, Sciences Faculty Editor, nathan.kahl@shu.edu

Donovan Sherman, Humanities Faculty Editor, donovan.sherman@shu.edu

Robin Towey, Humanities Student Editor, robin.towey@student.shu.edu