Organization Management Journal


This paper posits that the concept of emotional intelligence (EI) has not advanced as quickly and adroitly as it could have because of a lack of validity studies that combine the two most prevalent models, emotionality ability (EA) and emotional competency (EC). Although prior EI validations studies exist, none have examined the relationship between the primary EA and EC measurement tools – the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test and the Emotional Competency Inventory – University Edition, respectively – at the sub-trait levels with a population of undergraduate and MBA students. Findings indicate that there is no direct relationship between the total item scores and limited relationships among sub-trait scores. The paper concludes by issuing a call for research that conceives of EI as both an ability and a constellation of behaviors, and measures EI with a combination of knowledge, reasoning, self-report, and other-report, to provide a more holistic and encompassing examination that would foundationally contribute to unlocking the construct’s potential.