Organization Management Journal


Increasingly, organizations are focusing on the implications of their employer brands and the processes that will differentiate them from competitors in order to offer a more attractive place for top talent to work. In this article, we begin by reviewing constructs in marketing, human resources (HR), and industrial–organizational (I/O) psychology, many of which are closely related, that have been invoked to refer to the broad topic of employer branding. Following that, we review research findings in strategic human resources management as a basis for guiding and informing the employer-branding process. HR typically views processes in recruiting, on-boarding, training, performance management, and rewards separately and at the tactical/execution level. The role of strategic HR, however, is to consider these processes as a set to promote a positive employer brand. We conclude with action steps for organizations and key issues for HR/organizational behavior (OB) scholars to address in developing and improving employer brands.