Successful Strategies for Teaching Undergraduate Research

Document Type


Publication Date

January 2013


Marta Deyrup and Beth Bloom


The Scarecrow Press, Inc.


Lanham, Toronto, Plymouth UK


The authors of this book have devoted themselves to information literacy and its literature for more than a decade. Librarians also dedicated to this have written on myriad aspects of information literacy: the student centered classroom, research behaviors, the effectiveness of various instruction models and theoretical constructs, learning theory, etc. However, absent from this conversation has been a focus on the research question, how researchers approach inquiry, given a writing assignment. We reviewed standards and searched the literature for focus on the research question and found it lacking. Thus we decided to find colleagues with similar interests and produce an edited book on the topic. From our discussion with colleagues, what evolved from this was a need to produce a work that addressed much more: we decided to expand our focus to address the entire process of information literacy instruction, starting from the research assignment through the research question and including partnerships with teaching colleagues, in addition to pedagogies. With the research question as a central theme, we sought out experts on various aspects of the library instruction process. Their contributions have helped create this work. Our goal is to add to the ongoing discussions about new pedagogies and enhanced relationships with faculty colleagues.