Library open 24/7: A Study of User Needs and Library Management Concerns

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January 2009


Facing competition from Web-based information service development, academic librarians need to find ways to attract more users to the physical library buildings. This study investigated user needs and library management concerns for a 24/7 service through two surveys: 1) User feedback survey at Seton Hall University Library, and 2) Survey of Academic Library Deans and Directors in the USA. Based on these two surveys, the paper not only discussed the current status of libraries open 24/7 in the USA and showed the demographics of users of the 24/7 service at Seton Hall University, it also stated reasons to use the 24/7 service. In addition, the paper revealed library management concerns of the 24/7 service. Three implications, which have been guided by Scott Bennett’s theory of learning commons for planning library space, were drawn from the findings in this paper.