LibGuides CMS eReserves: simplify delivering course reserves through Blackboard

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January 2015


Purpose– The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the process of implementing LibGuides content management system (CMS) eReserves with Blackboard integration to streamline workflow for the end-user and staff workflow.Design/methodology/approach– Based on some of the issues with the existing system, there was a need to improve workflow for the user and staff. The previous course reserve process included a non-automated process. Implementing the LibGuides CMS eReserves module training for circulation staff consisted of in-person instruction and creating a tutorial with step by step directions for staff. The library sent out many email announcements and corresponded with individual faculty members. The authors also worked with the instructional designers for feedback and best practices when developing Blackboard courses, specifically online courses. The authors also developed an information page with a tutorial.Findings– Findings indicate that the LibGuides CMS eReserves module is a success. The quick implementation process and ease of use for end-users and staff have proven to be beneficial. With the launch of the new system in fiscal year: 2013-2014, this revitalized the Seton Hall University eReserves program with a 142 per cent increase in usage. There could be many contributing factors to the increase in usage: the online form, direct links to Blackboard, the increase in online courses, etc. eReserves are up 42 per cent as of April for this year.Originality/value– At the time of our evaluation, there were no other libraries using the eReserves module. The authors reviewed the literature and found no published articles about LibGuides CMS eReserves module.