Bayley Seton League papers

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The Bayley-Seton League collection is arranged 8 series: 1. Committee, 2. Meeting Agenda and Minutes, 3. Correspondence, 4. Events, 5. Financial Records, 6. Publications, 7. Membership, and 8. Photographs. Committees at large in the League included the hospitality and publicity committee. Meeting agenda and minutes includes general meetings, board meetings and committee meetings. Correspondence includes letters to and from members, as well as letters to and from presidents of the League. Events flyers and programs are part of the collection as are raffle tickets and invitations to special events. A scrapbook created by the League is made up of newspaper articles documenting major events and fundraisers. Membership information is also included. Lastly, photographs include that of the League at the Candlelight Ball, and lunch with soldiers amongst others. Although collection items range from the years 1939-1998, the bulk of the collection includes documents from the years 1939 to around the 1980s.