Date of Award

Spring 2011

Degree Type


Degree Name

EdD Education Leadership, Management and Policy


Education Leadership, Management and Policy


Elaine Walker, Ph.D

Committee Member

Daniel Gutmore, Ph.D

Committee Member

Robert Pauline, Ed.D

Committee Member

Nettie Webb, Ed.D


Dual Language, Bilingual Education, Reading, Native English Speaker, Draz, K-8


The Influence of Dual Language Education Upon the Development of English Reading Skills of Kindergarten through Grade Two Students.

The purpose of this inductive and quantitative research study is to examine the influence of dual language education upon the development of literacy skills in English proficient kindergarten through grade

2 students. Secondly, this research is purposed to aid in filling the void in the limited way in which educational researchers have examined quantitative research of early elementary English proficient dual language students' reading development disaggregated by gender and ethnicity. Finally, this study is purposed to be utilized as an integral component of the discussions leading to policy and program creation and change by educational leaders. An equal number of students from the dual language and the English only environments for each grade level were selected. Baseline equivalency testing was conducted to test for significant differences between groups. Both groups reflected comparable amounts of students in respect to gender and racial/ethnic representations. Students were selected for the sample based on a systematic random sample technique. Every third English only environment student with valid assessment scores was eliminated from the data pool. The remaining students comprised the sample population. The study analyzed pre and post test measures of English proficient students' performance on the Developmental Reading Assessment- Second Edition (DRA2). Scores were compared using Pearson's Layered Chi-square Contingency Test of Independence Analysis. This study was to more acutely investigate the gradation of DRA2 performance by cohort, ethnicity, and gender. Overall, the results indicate a significant change in overall reading ability for all students with English speaking proficiency in all grade levels for all years. This research study implies there was a significant positive change in the overall reading ability of predominantly non-White and female students in either program who were also in grade 1. This research study also implies there was a significant negative change in overall reading ability of predominantly Latino and male students in kindergarten English only environments. This research study does not conclude there is a direct influence of dual language education upon the English reading skills of kindergarten through grade 2 students.



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