Date of Award

Spring 5-18-2024

Degree Type


Degree Name

PhD. Chemistry


Chemistry and Biochemistry


Gerald J. Buonopane, PhD

Committee Member

Nicholas Snow, PhD

Committee Member

Stephen Kelty, PhD

Committee Member

Gregory R. Wiedman, PhD


Oxidized Lipids, Amino Acid, Interaction, Co-oxidation, Arid System, Autoxidation


Dry and low-moisture foods could experience a significant loss in nutritional value due to the process of methyl linoleate oxidation. The amino acid L-proline could interact with lipid oxidation products, potentially modifying their formation and reaction path. However, there was a lack of research on the interaction between L-proline and methyl linoleate oxidation products in dry and low-moisture food matrices, which was a concern given the potential impact on food safety and nutrition. To address this knowledge gap, a study was carried out to investigate the interaction between L-proline and the oxidation products of methyl linoleate in a dry system. The study examined the formation of methyl linoleate oxidation products such as conjugated dienes, hydroperoxide, and hexanal in the absence and presence of varying moles of L-proline at different temperatures. The formation of conjugated diene, hydroperoxide, and hexanal was analyzed using UV spectrometer analysis, xylenol orange, and DNPH derivatization HPLC-UV analysis. The results showed that adding proline to methyl linoleate samples stabilized conjugated diene and decreased hydroperoxide and hexanal levels as temperature increased, compared to the control sample. This suggests that L-proline effectively interacted with methyl linoleate oxidation products and altered their formation and oxidation path in the dry system. Overall, this study provided a basis for significantly enhancing understanding of the reactions between L-proline and methyl linoleate oxidation products in dry and low-moisture foods, offered practical implications for the food industry, and paved the way for future research.

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