Date of Award

Spring 5-18-2023

Degree Type


Degree Name

MA Strategic Communication


Communication and the Arts


Renee Robinson, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Ruth Tsuria, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Madison Krall, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Gregory Stevens, M.A.T.


podcast, parasocial relationship, diffusion of innovation, communication competence, social media, athletes


An increasing number of athletes are utilizing various mediums to communicate to fans. A rising medium that athletes are adopting is podcasting. While there are studies that discuss the benefits of podcasting, there is limited research that provides individuals, specifically athletes, with the proper knowledge on how to effectively communicate on a podcast platform. This project investigates what athletes can do to make their podcasts engaging for viewers and listeners. A case study was conducted that included textual and content analysis of the top episodes of two successful athlete-driven podcasts. Findings from the research guided the creation of a visual artifact that informs athletes of important items that can assist in creating a successful podcast.