Date of Award

Summer 8-1-2023

Degree Type


Degree Name

PhD Nursing




Bonnie Sturm, EdD, RN

Committee Member

Sherry Greenberg, PhD

Committee Member

Nancy Innella, PhD, RN, CNE


frailty, resilience, home care, nursing, older adults, qualitative


The population of older adults is growing rapidly in the United States. As more people are living to an advanced age, they are often managing a multitude of chronic illnesses and disabilities while continuing to live at home. Frailty is a common condition that affects how one ages and the condition is associated with dependency and poor health outcomes. Resilience is considered to be a protective factor against health stressors that lead to frailty in older adults. Perspectives of home care nurses were obtained by semi-structured interviews which described how older adults live at home with frailty and demonstrate resilience. Thorne's (2005) method of Interpretive Description guided this qualitative inquiry. Home care nurses identified several contextual factors that contribute to frailty and promote resilience in older adults living at home. Home care nurses shared resilience building strategies that can be applied in nursing practice, education, and research.

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Nursing Commons