Date of Award

Fall 12-5-2022

Degree Type


Degree Name

Executive Ed.D. in Education Leadership Management and Policy


Education Leadership, Management and Policy


Jonathan Stoessel, PhD

Committee Member

Jennifer Timmer, PhD

Committee Member

Ronnie Estrict, EdD


pre-service teacher education programs, advisement, pre-service teacher education, culturally responsive pedagogy, teacher perspective


Effective pre-service teacher educator programs are among the most important components in preparing the nation’s next generation of educators. Today’s educators collectively work to support the diverse cultural, linguistic, and social needs of students through the unprecedented demands of a transitioning school system. This dissertation examined the components of advisement challenges and opportunities as an impact on the preparation of pre-service teachers in Northern New Jersey. The study explored the influence of approaches available to pre-service teachers in the areas of program structure, a variety of support services, and the role of the advisor-advisee relationship to discover whether such programs contributed to preparing diverse teachers for the unique challenges of entering the education workforce. In the existing literature, characteristics found to influence advisement throughout teacher education programs were evaluated and reported. In addition, this study gained detailed insight from participants on specific challenges faced while completing the pre-service teacher education program that has not been previously addressed in the literature. Sources of data consisted of multiple semi-structured interviews of teachers who completed the pre-service program. Participants were selected for this study with questions based on the literature review to provide insight into their lived experiences, the role of advisement in pre-service education programs, and views on how prepared they were to support the evolving students they serve.