Date of Award

Summer 8-26-2022

Degree Type


Degree Name

MA Applied Behavior Analysis


Education Studies


Frank R. Cicero, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Brian M. Conners, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Nicole Journe, M.Ed.


behavior skills training, BST, autism, evidence based practice, skill acquisition


Using behavioral skills training (BST) to promote skill acquisition to autistic children is seen throughout the literature. There are many research articles that use BST to promote skill acquisition such as safety skills, social skills, and sports skills to children with autism. The aim of the current project was to investigate if BST has a body of research sufficient enough to be considered an evidence based practice (EBP) when it comes to promoting skill acquisition to autistic children. This paper is a systematic search of EBSCO databases as well as Dissertations and Theses Global to determine if BST promotes skill acquisition to autistic children and if it is an EBP. The PRISMA method for systematic reviews was used to conduct the article search. This was done by using inclusion criteria to find articles that met pre-determined standards. The articles that met the inclusion criteria where then analyzed using Reichow’s (2011) method to evaluate EBP in autism. The results of the study were that BST is an established EBP. Future research is recommended to include more female participants and to include more generalization and maintenance probes within future studies.