Date of Award

Spring 5-24-2022

Degree Type


Degree Name

MA Strategic Communication


Communication and the Arts


Renee Robinson, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Ruth Tsuria, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Gregory Stevens, M.A.T.

Committee Member

McKenna Schray, Ph.D.


leadership, communication, digital communication, communication channels, public relations, external communication, social media


As organizations embrace hybrid and remote work models, there is a growing need for organizational leaders to use digital communication channels to maintain active communication with dispersed stakeholders. The purpose of this study was to analyze what digital communication channels have been implemented by organizational leadership and why they were selected. LinkedIn, Twitter, and corporate posts from six CEOs within the New York Metropolitan area were analyzed over a four-year period. Results revealed that personal social media channels were the most frequent forms of communication. Additionally, multimedia and multichannel strategies enhanced the communication messages and led to a best practices guide for executives.