Date of Award

Fall 12-20-2021

Degree Type


Degree Name

PhD Counseling Psychology


Professional Psychology and Family Therapy


Jason D. Reynolds (Taewon Choi), Ph.D.

Committee Member

Pamela Foley, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Laura Roberts, Ph.D.


Biracial, hypersexualization, sexism, racism, exoticization


While the adult multiracial population in the United States accounts for approximately 6.9 % of Americans, current growth trends suggest that numbers will triple within the next 40 years. Evidence suggests that Asian multiracial and Black multiracial groups are emergent racial categories, yet little research exists on dual minority populations. Premise for this qualitative study stems from my prior research on Black Asian American identity development that revealed an emergent theme of hypersexualization experienced by Black Asian American women. This study explored how Black Asian American women experience hypersexuality and the resulting impact on their identity development. Utilizing a constructivist–interpretivist framework and elements of grounded theory methods in the conceptualization and design of data compilation and analysis, I interviewed 17 Black East Asian women then transcribed and coded the data. Results showed five themes emerging from participant experiences: (1) navigating power dynamics; (2) perceived as a rare, exotic, or novel experience; (3) encountering sexualized racial stereotypes; (4) hypersexualization connected to sexual trauma; and (5) contention with Black or Asian communities. I discuss clinical and research implications from the findings.