Date of Award

Summer 8-27-2021

Degree Type


Degree Name

Executive Ed.D. in Education Leadership Management and Policy


Education Leadership, Management and Policy


Dr. Monica Browne, Ed.D

Committee Member

Dr. Jan Furman, Ed.D

Committee Member

Dr. Salvatore Constantino, Ed.D


data-driven decision making, data literacy, data use, assessment, evidence-based practice, assessment, acting upon data, data teams


The notion of using data to inform educational decisions is not novel; in fact, teachers and school leaders have used data in various forms and for a variety of reasons for decades. However, challenges remain with the timely availability of data, accessibility to the data, and teachers’ understanding of how these data can be transformed into action that impacts instructional decisions. Without appropriate professional development, support, and leadership, teachers may struggle to use data to make sound decisions and take action in their classrooms.

This quantitative correlation study examined elementary school teachers’ levels of readiness regarding data-driven decision-making (DDDM) practices and school performance in mathematics and ELA proficiency. The data were collected using the Statewide Data-Driven Readiness Study Teacher Survey authored by McLeod and Seashore (2006). Readiness levels were calculated from teacher responses in four areas: assessment, acting upon data, school support systems, and school culture. School proficiency levels were collected from the 2018–2019 New Jersey School Performance Report in ELA and mathematics.

The results indicated that significant relationships existed between K–5 elementary teachers’ self-reported readiness on overall DDDM practices and high student achievement levels in ELA. No significant relationships were discovered between teachers’ DDDM readiness levels and mathematics achievement.

This study adds to the existing body of research on DDDM practices and supports the foundational work of previous studies and theoretical frameworks on DDDM. Developing teachers’ capacity for DDDM is an essential part of effective practice. Improving data literacy must be a priority for school leaders to improve instructional practice and increase students’ learning outcomes.

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