Date of Award

Spring 5-6-2021

Degree Type


Degree Name

MS Experimental Psychology




Marianne Lloyd, PhD

Committee Member

Andrew Simon, PhD

Committee Member

Jeremy Miller, PhD


memory, metacognition, logos, common objects, recall


Prior research found that memory is fallible and that memory for common objects is poorly encoded (Brady et al., 2008; Nickerson & Adams, 1979). Participants studied one of the logos and recalled both the familiar and unfamiliar logos. Confidence judgments were collected at pre- and post-recall for both logos. Results suggest that recall changed by study condition and logo type, studying before recall, for both the familiar and the unfamiliar logo, improved recall scores. The results also suggest that confidence judgments changed depending on the logo familiarity and time. Confidence decreased from pre- to post-recall for the familiar logo in both study conditions but increased for the unfamiliar logo in both study conditions. Prior research on schema memory and metamemory may explain why there is a difference in direction for the two logos. Schema incongruent items have better contextual memory and higher confidence (Sweegers et al., 2015).