Date of Award

Spring 5-21-2018

Degree Type


Degree Name

EdD Education Leadership, Management and Policy


Education Leadership, Management and Policy


Daniel Gutmore, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Gerard Babo, Ed.D.

Committee Member

Jeffrey Dino, Ed.D.


Transformational Leadership, Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment, Policing, Law Enforcement


This study is based upon Bass and Riggio’s (2006) Augmentation Model on Transactional and Transformational Leadership, in which this quantitative study sought to identify the amount of variance in police officer job satisfaction and organizational commitment that can be explained by police chiefs’ transformational leadership behaviors above and beyond the influence of transactional behaviors. A total of 166 police officers were surveyed in five central New Jersey police departments in relation to their job satisfaction and organizational commitment, as well as the leadership behaviors in which their police chiefs engaged, utilizing Bass and Avolio’s (2004) Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ-5X). This researcher then used a simultaneous multiple regression analysis to test Bass and Riggio’s (2006) Model within the sample group. The results of this study provide researchers with a replicable method of research with which to examine Bass and Riggio’s (2006) Augmentation Model. It will also provide practitioners and police leaders with actionable guidance on leadership behaviors that can positively influence police officers’ job satisfaction and organizational commitment within their communities and the field of law enforcement.