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MA Corporate and Professional Communication


Communication and the Arts


Richard Dool


Muslim, America, United States, 21st century, Identity crisis, Generation X, Women


Over the years, I've observed South Asian females and males alike struggling to fulfill religious and cultural obligations to their family while fitting in with the norms of society. I also learned of the term "ABCD" which stands for American Born Confused Desi. This refers to people of Desi or South Asian origin living in the United States. "Confused" refers to their confusion regarding their identity from either being born in America or living here since an early age and having been exposed to American culture more than their ancestral culture. That is when I realized that I was not the only one feeling like I was being "pulled" in two different directions. In this thesis, I decided to focus specifically on Generation X Muslim women living in America to explore their experiences and to find out whether they also felt like they were being "pulled" in two different directions. This feeling of leading a "double life" is the cause of the identity crisis that many Muslim women experience living in America.