Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

MA Corporate and Professional Communication


Communication and the Arts


Donald N. Lombardi


Autism, Music therapy, Education


Topics covered in this investigation are autism, music therapy, and education. Music has a unique way to communicate and touch people like no other medium. It knows no racial, ethnic, or social boundaries and can be used for various therapeutic reasons, such as autism. This study investigates whether music is an effective form of communication for autistic children in and educational environment. Books, journal articles and websites related to these topics were used as sources in this research project. In addition, the author conducted a survey to receive a better idea of how the public views the affect music has on communication. The objective of the survey was to obtain information with regard to the themes of music and education. At the end of this research project, the author has learned that music is healing. It is a raw expression of sentiment. Music is cathartic in its structure and is something that we are all touched by. It is a universal language that finds a way to touch each person in a unique way and is boundless in its meaning.