Date of Award


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MA Corporate and Professional Communication


Communication and the Arts


Dennis Mahon


Africa, Leadership, Religious conflict, Nigeria, Northern Nigeria, Christians, Muslims


Northern Nigeria has become a boiling point lately where Christians and Muslims kill each other in the name of God. Within the last four years, over 10,000 people had lost their lives. This research seeks to investigate the relationship between political leadership and the causes of religious conflict in Northern Nigeria. Using the survey method 150 questionnaires were sent to different parts of northern Nigeria and 40 to Nigerians living in the United States. 117 questionnaires were analyzed at the end with 99 coming from Nigeria. The results revealed that there is a significant relationship between political leadership and religious conflicts, and political leaders are perceived to be responsible for most of the religious conflict in Northern Nigeria. Leadership has not only failed Nigeria but Africa as a whole. Leadership is simply using your head and heart for your people, but that is what many of those who lead in Africa lack. The author emphasizes the need for an effective and responsible leadership, a leadership knowledge, and general education for a way forward.