Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

MA Museum Professions


Communication and the Arts


Juergen Heinrichs


Museums, Museum information resources, Knowledge management, Data gathering, Data storage, Data collection


This thesis focuses on knowledge management practices, tools, and systems and how it can play a vital role for managing collections in museums. The purpose of knowledge management would be to control information across disparate collections and departments within museums. The process of gathering. collecting and storing various data will help institutions achieve cost-effective solutions for a successful information management system. Implementing the concept and applications of knowledge management would create a culture that would encourage knowledge sharing among curators, registrars, directors of development and exhibition designers, to name a few. Further, it would establish museum-wide shared resources that would be available in one relational database for all to access, navigate, and contribute. However, facilitating this new museological concept presents many challenges and barriers. Advancements are being made through the development of knowledge tools, standards and other forms of technology. Overall, knowledge management would be beneficial in supporting the integration of museum informational resources (i.e, exhibition catalogs, press releases, memberships) in an electronic environment.