Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

MA Corporate and Professional Communication


Communication and the Arts


Richard Dool


Icons, Corporate identity, Start-up companies


The objective of this research project is to look at the importance of icons, more specifically logos, for corporate identity in start-up companies, and why these logos are such a significant factor in the marketing of a company to its consumers. A logo's main purpose is to "project the company's intended image" (First Town Company Unlimited, 2000, p.1) and if properly completed then the logo becomes a significant part of the consumer/producer relationship. "The corporate identity dates back to Ancient Greece" and "hundreds of years later, it [ still] remains the vital aspect of any organization's identity; Logos offer a visual image, describing the spirit of the company and the real story behind its products" (Blue, 2005, p.29). The point of a logo is to create an understanding of the business and what it hopes to accomplish as an element of a corporation's identity. Successful marketing refers to not only what the company promotes (the products), but also how the company promotes their business (the environment, the logo). A business can be successful if the products/services are executed properly, but it is also possible it can be successful if the company name or logo is recognized for producing those high quality products (Speak, 2001). Therefore, a logo which coordinates with the values of the company, and is able to communicate that principle to their target audience, has the potential as a successful marketing tool. The goal of the project is to analyze the significance of a logo, for start-up companies. Included with this research project is a study which examines the views of the owners (of start-up companies) and the public consumers.