Date of Award

Spring 5-16-2015

Degree Type


Degree Name

MS Chemistry


Chemistry and Biochemistry


Nicholas H. Snow, Ph.D

Committee Member

Wyatt Murphy, Ph.D

Committee Member

Yuri Kazakevich, Ph.D


Naproxen, naproxen sodium, dissolution, ReactIR, kinetics


A comparison study was conducted to look at the formulation of three brands of naproxen sodium. These brands included Bayer Aleve ®, CVS All Day Pain Relief and Walgreens All Day Pain Relief. The active and inactive ingredients were the same yet the size and shape of the tablets differ among the three brands. S-naproxen was extracted from the tablets and evaluated by GC-MS to determine the purity of naproxen in the tablets. Dissolution was monitored by an IR probe for eight hours while using 0.1M phosphate buffer pH 7.4, 0.05M phosphate buffer pH 4.5 and simulated gastric fluid pH 1.2 as the medium. The percent dissolved was calculated for each brand and times vary depending on the pH level. All three brands dissolved one hundred percent in an eight hour period. A kinetic study was completed for each brand at all three pH levels. It cannot be determined if a first order process took place at the beginning of the dissolution process. However as time evolved the dissolution profile resembled a zero-order process.