Date of Award

Fall 10-22-2014

Degree Type


Degree Name

PhD Higher Education Leadership, Management, Policy


Education Leadership, Management and Policy


Eunyoung Kim, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Martin Finkelstein, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Gerald Babo, Ed.D.


Factors of Part-Time Faculty Integration, Organizational Contexts and Processes, Effective Faculty Integration


Previous studies on the topic of part-time faculty in community colleges have pointed to their continuous increase in the percentage the faculty majority in the community college throughout the United States. Other studies have described their personal level of satisfaction or the level of their students' outcomes. The purpose of this study was to uncover factors that can better integrate part-time faculty into the organizational culture of the community college resulting in an increase of personal satisfaction and better student outcomes.

This was a modified mixed methods study. The quantitative section used descriptive and Chi-square statistics to analyze the responses of full-time and part-time faculty to selected questions from an institutional survey. The qualitative consisted of interviews of part-time faculty members from the same institution.

The data from the quantitative portion was conjoined with the data from the qualitative portion and analyzed based on five main constructs: participation in decision making, socialization, communication, personal satisfaction and student outcome. This study was conducted to provide factors, obtained mainly from the qualitative portion, that would better integrate part-time faculty into the organizational culture of the community college in areas indicated in the quantitative portion and from previous studies.



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