Date of Award

Summer 8-7-2014

Degree Type


Degree Name

MS Experimental Psychology




Kelly M. Goedert

Committee Member

Amy S. Joh

Committee Member

Peii Chen


Spatial Attention, Prism Adaptation, Attentional Window


Prism adaptation, a visuomotor adaptation procedure that employs a lateral shift of the visual field, has been widely shown to affect lateral biases in the distribution of spatial attention in healthy individuals. The effects of prism adaptation on the size of the attentional window, the limited area of the visual field we attend to and extract information from without moving our eyes, are not fully elucidated. In this study, I investigated the effects of prism adaptation on the size of the attentional window in healthy young adults. This was accomplished via a useful field of view task, which measures the limits of the distribution of spatial attention. The results of this study demonstrated that leftward prism adaptation can reduce the size of the attentional window of healthy young individuals. This finding is important as it elucidates an additional component of spatial attention that is affected by prism adaptation and may offer potential therapeutic uses in the rehabilitation of spatial deficits in clinical populations.