Document Type

Undergraduate Syllabus


Fall 2015



Course Number

DIPL 2109 AA

Course Description

Global governance refers to the ways, both formal and informal, in which the world is governed. This course will identify dominant actors and mechanism that govern some aspects of life in the world.

In the first part of the course we will place the concept of global governance in its historical context, then we will explore some approaches to international cooperation in a world of sovereign states, examine the cast of actors who cooperate in order to address the growing number of issues on the international agenda, and, finally, analyze a number of global issues.

In the second part of the course students will participate in a diplomatic simulation of two global issues. Each student will represent an international actor and work with their classmates to draft a consensus-based solution to the chosen global problem. During the simulation students will practice the skills necessary for effective group interaction such as teamwork, conveying ideas through written and verbal proposals, understanding the perspectives of other participants, and problem solving through negotiation, bargaining, and compromise.