Manuscript Submission

The Editors welcome submissions of manuscripts dealing with federal appellate law for publication in the Circuit Review. Our policies are as follows:


Manuscripts may be submitted to:

Articles Editor
The Seton Hall Circuit Review
Seton Hall Law School
One Newark Center
Newark, NJ 07102-5120

Additionally, we accept email submissions which should be sent to the Articles Editor at CircuitReview@shu.edu.

Expedited Review

If another journal has offered to publish your article, to request an expedited review, email the Articles Editor at CircuitReview@shu.edu. Please include the following information: the author’s name, the article’s title, a contact phone number, the journal making the offer, and the deadline for the expedited review to be completed. We will make every effort to review each submission within the time constraints given and we will contact the author directly if we are unable to complete our review within the requested time period.


The Circuit Review seeks to publish articles making a significant, original contribution to their field within the federal appellate level. Text and citations should conform to the Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (18th ed. 2005), copyright by the Columbia Law Review Association, the Harvard Law Review Association, the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, and the Yale Law Journal. The Circuit Review reserves the right to make all decisions regarding the acceptance or rejection of an article for publication. An invitation to contribute should not be construed as final acceptance of an article.


All editing decisions reside with the editorial board of the Circuit Review. However, both the substance and style of the article should be the creations of the author. Our edits are intended to refine the author’s vision, rather than replace it with our own. Thus, after completing our substantial round of editing, we provide the author a copy of the manuscript that shows all changes we have made along with our reasoning behind the correction. Our changes are meant as suggestions and we will respect the author’s judgment regarding whether the changes should, in the end, in fact be made.