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Josephine DeVito - p. 7 John Henry Newman and Baccalaureate Nursing Education

Nancy Enright - p. 10 Newman, Oxford and Literature

Anthony Haynor - p. 14 Integrated Learning and Newman’s Idea of a University

Matthew Higgins - p. 19 A Catholic University—More Than an Idea

Richard M. Liddy - p. 24 Newman and Lonergan on the Idea of a University

Raffi Manjikian - p, 29 Universities Today Compared to John Henry Newman’s University Ideas

Melinda D. Papaccio - p. 32 Cor Ad Cor Loquitur: Cardinal Newman and The Higher Truth of the Heart

Bryan Pilkington - p. 36 Bioethics, Education, and the Idea of a University

John Radwan - p. 39 Newman on Genius Loci and Liberal Education: Organization Spirituality for Civilization

Lisa Rose-Wiles - p. 46 Newman’s Idea of a University and the Quest for Knowledge

Gloria Thurmond - p. 51 Saint John Henry Newman and the Mission of a Catholic University Education

Readings - p. 54

About the Authors - p. 55