Libraries, classrooms, and the interests of democracy : marking the limits of neoliberalism

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January 2012


The Scarecrow Press, Inc.




Should we be bothered by library marketing and advertising in the classroom, and if so, why? : an introduction -- An historical view I : a précis on the entanglements of democracy, education, and libraries in America -- An historical view II : a précis on advertising in schools, marketing in libraries, and the appeal of neoliberalism -- From theoretical to empirical critiques of advertising : have they deepened understanding of democracy and our educative institutions? -- Tocqueville and the centrifugal/centripetal forces within America : why (and how much) our practices in libraries and classrooms matter -- A practical communitarianism : educative institutions, social bonds, and neoliberalism's incursions -- Deliberative democratic theory's deeper critique : the profound effects of neoliberalism's grammar in educative institutions -- Looking ahead at neoliberalism's trajectory : the continuing interests of democracy and educative institutions : a conclusion.