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PhD Health Sciences


Health and Medical Sciences


Genevieve Pinto-Zipp, Ed.D

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Doreen Stiskal, Ph.D

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Susan Simpkins


Background & Purpose of the Study: Breast Cancer is the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer, and is becoming a major public health issue concern for many South Asian Indian immigrant women. However, women of ethnic subgroups and those who immigrated to the United States within the last ten years are less likely to have had a recent mammogram. The purpose of this study is to evaluate a culturally sensitive breast cancer educational intervention on breast cancer knowledge, perception of cancer fatalism, and improved participation in mammography screening among South Asian Indian immigrant women. Methods: Utilizing a quasi -experimental pretest/post test, follow-up design, the effectiveness of a culturally sensitive breast cancer education intervention on increasing knowledge of breast cancer, decreasing cancer fatalism, and increasing screening intention among a sample of South Asian women was assessed. Data was obtained from 102 South Asian Indian immigrant women who were at least 40 years old. Participants were randomly assigned to a video group (n=51) or brochure group (n=51). Pretest and post-test