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The following is a summary of the findings from the University Library Survey, conducted by the Academic Affairs Committee of the Student Government Association from October 3rd through October 9th, 2011. Over 400 students responded to a questionnaire with questions ranging from their like of the library setup to their current usage of the library in general. However, the main focus of the library survey was to understand how students have adjusted to the change in library hours from a 24/5 schedule to a limited schedule. Overwhelmingly, even despite the caveat at the beginning of the survey that returning back to the old schedule would not be possible, students demanded a return to the old schedule. By and large, all written feedback was highly critical of the change. When responses from commuter and electronic students are filtered out and only students living on campus are considered, the written feedback is almost exclusively critical. A formal summary of these overall findings (especially the written responses) will appear at the end of this report.