Outputs of the Praxis Program include a broad range of academic and professional works, including research results and pedagogical developments, recorded on a Master Reference List. Select publications which are public are included here.


Submissions from 2021


Faculty Development: Mission and Methods for Practical Integration, Linda Garofalo, Danute M. Nourse, and Mary A. Garofalo

Submissions from 2019

Understanding the Orthodox Jewish family during childbirth., Josephine DeVito

Submissions from 2018


Reflections on Fake News, Librarians, and Undergraduate Research, Lisa M. Rose-Wiles

Submissions from 2017


Enhancing information literacy using Bernard Lonergan's Generalized Empirical Method: A three-year case study in a first year biology course., Lisa M. Rose-Wiles, Marian Glenn, and Doreen Stiskal

Submissions from 2013


Still Desperately Seeking Citations: Undergraduate Research in the Age of Web-Scale Discovery., Lisa Rose-Wiles and Melissa M. Hofmann