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Conference Proceeding

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Lisa M. Rose-Wiles, Seton Hall University

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The Praxis Program of the Advanced Seminar on Mission's Third Annual Summer Workshop


Trieste, Italy


These are the proceedings of the Praxis Program of the Advanced Seminar on Mission’s third annual summer workshop which was held in Trieste, Italy in July 2017. It focused on the application of Bernard Lonergan’s Functional Specialties to the work of the Seton Hall University faculty participants. The workshop was jointly sponsored by the Center for Vocation and Servant Leadership and the Center for Catholic Studies, and co-sponsored by Boston College, the Jacques Maritain Institute and the University of Trieste.



  1. Beth Bloom: Interiority and Function: Pedagogical Developments at Seton Hall University.
  2. Maureen Byrnes: Applying Lonergan in Clinical Undergraduate Nursing Education.
  3. Irene De Masi & Catherine Maher: Shaping Professional Development: Broadening Student’s Horizon of their Role and Responsibility to Effect Human Good.
  4. Josephine DeVito: The Functional Specialties of Bernard Lonergan: The Generalized Empirical Method for Nursing Students in the Care of the Orthodox Jewish Family during Childbirth.
  5. Marian Glenn: Growing Self-Knowledge within Humanity's Growing Knowledge of the Universe.
  6. Antony Haynor: On “Heritage” and “Achievement” in the Human Sciences.
  7. Melinda Papaccio: Research: Lonergan’s First Functional Specialty. Opening the Door to Truth.
  8. Mary Ellen Roberts: Nursing and the Functional Specialties.
  9. Lisa Rose-Wiles: Bernard Lonergan’s Functional Specialties and Academic Libraries.
  10. Doreen Stiskal: Reflecting on New Horizons: Perceptions of Graduating DPT Students.
  11. Genevieve Zipp: Applying Lonergan’s Functional Specialties to Create a Culture of Inquiry within the SHMS School-wide Core Signature IPE Experiences.