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Exhibition Dates

January 23 - May 12, 2023


Matter + Spirit: January 23 - May 12, 2023

Opening Reception: January 25, 2023 4-7pm

Lauren Schiller, Artist Talk: January 25, 2023 3-4pm

“What is the place of spirit in contemporary life, particularly in highly materialistic and increasingly secular societies like those of the United States and China?” This is the central theme of Matter + Spirit which brings together a cohort of artists from China and the United States working

to address the role of spirituality in contemporary society. In bringing these artists and artworks into proximity, curator Rachel Smith orchestrates an overview of what is at stake in a post-Christian, post-modern, post-human - and most recently what has been dubbed a trans-human age - where technological systems have overtaken the direction of how we live. This fundamental shift has indelibly influenced and altered the shape of human existence and society. Matter + Spirit is a catalyst for conversation and reflection on what it means to be human right here, right now.

Works by: Yefu Bai, Ying Cao, Yuanming Cao, Shin-hee Chin, Wantain Cui, DaoZi, Wei Ding, Scott Fisk, Brenton Good, Xin Guo, Chunye He, Liang Jiang, Suki Kwon, Leah Samuelson, Lauren Schiller, Justin Sorensen, Kenneth Steinback, Laura Stevenson, Meagan Stirling, Ziyun Tong, JoAnn VanReeuwyk, Yongliang Wang, Yong You, Erjun Zhao, Jiuyang Zhu

Curated by Rachel Hostetter Smith

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Matter + Spirit Poster

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Matter + Spirit Postcard

Lauren Schiller Artist Talk 1-25-2023.mp4 (98238 kB)
Lauren Schiller Artist Talk on creating Pilgrimage

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Matter + Spirit Catalogue

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Students experience ‘Matter+ Spirit’ Exhibit through painting, music and creative writing