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Exhibition Dates

September 12 - December 9, 2022


Seton Hall ReCollects

Exhibition Dates: September 12 - December 9, 2022

D'Argenio Collection Presentation, Dr. Caterina Agostini: September 19, 2022

When James Roosevelt Bayley founded Seton Hall College in 1856 in honor of his aunt, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, he envisioned a home for the mind, the heart and the spirit. As the first appointed Bishop for the newly founded Diocese of Newark, Bayley was simultaneously building two organizations. The first was the larger spiritual kinship of the diocese and the second was the academic community at Seton Hall. There have been many changes in the ensuing 166 years: at the university, the archdiocese, and the world-at-large. The Walsh Gallery and Department of Archives and Special Collections communicate and document Bayley’s vision in the form of art, artifacts and archival materials which simultaneously record historical and cultural shifts. Seton Hall’s collections are available for exhibitions, programs and scholarship – and reflect the diversity of our students, faculty and academic programs. This exhibition actively celebrates the richness of our community by inviting those who work with the collections - whether through research, work or enjoyment – to select an object and compose a label describing their interest in that particular piece. This collaboratively curated exhibit reflects a wide range of subjects and a pluralistic outlook while demonstrating the breadth and variety of objects in our care. To see more of our collections, you can follow us on social media, read our blog or schedule a research visit.