Contemporary American Images All'italiana


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Exhibition Dates

April 8 - May 31, 2002


Co-curated by Melinda Kennedy and Tess Koncick, students in the Graduate Program in Museum Professions.

Supported by The Joseph M. and Geraldine C. La Motta Chair in Italian Studies, the Multicultural Program, the Department of Art and Music, and the Friends of Walsh Library Gallery.

For more than a millennium, Italian art and architecture have been a source of illumination and fascination. From the classical ruins of ancient Rome, to the religious works of the Middle Ages and the masterpieces of the Renaissance, artists and viewers alike have found inspiration and instruction. The multitude of styles, themes, symbols, formalistic elements and techniques employed in these periods of Italian art and architecture have been studied and followed for centuries by students throughout the world. Indeed, the Italian artistic traditions continue to be extraordinarily influential today, as demonstrated by the works in this show.

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