Organization Management Journal


The craft of knitting serves multiple apparent purposes, from the construction of warm garments to engagement in the mathematical calisthenics required to master both design and fit. But this academic knitter finds satisfactions that are not so apparent to the observer, although they are profound and vital. As knitters gain in proficiency, they may also grow more self-confident, more generous, calmer, and more subversive. As knitting is integrated into one’s life, the process and products may become the outward expression of attitudes, emotions, and aspirations, well before these are articulated in words. The work of professors is nearly always expressed in spoken or written language. In contrast, the act of knitting is an opportunity to create and express ideas visually rather than verbally, to learn from our senses, to engage in active loving even while at work, to inspire others by actions and beauty. In these ways, the world of knitting opens doors for new insights in teaching, research, and selfunderstanding.