Organization Management Journal


This paper reviews Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and its potential contribution to creating classrooms desired by all participants. It addresses the question of personal contribution to the creation of that which is identified by those responsible for its creation. A brief review of AI’s history and the fundamental ideas behind its practice is followed by a detailed step-by-step approach of how it is applied to a graduate class in Leadership and Management Development. The exercise is situated in the context of student directed learning and the positive possibilities of this exercise in students’ lives. Statistical analysis of a survey created from the identified outcomes is presented. The survey was administered on two occasions over the semester to measure the extent to which the class had accomplished the ideals, and a self-report of students’ contribution to that achievement. Results show a significant relationship between those items that are deemed high priority for the course and students’ assessment of achievement and their contribution to that achievement. Conclusions and implications are included with some questions posed for further research and practice.