Organization Management Journal


The organizational literature reflects a growing interest in the personality trait of grandiose narcissism. Individuals high in grandiose narcissism are more arrogant, self-confident, and greedy, and have lower empathy than the average person. Narcissism injects biases and conflict into the performance management process, which decreases the benefits obtained and increases stress and frustration. We review research on narcissism and the components of performance management systems, and then integrate them to illustrate several important implications for performance management in organizations. Employee narcissism is negatively related to employees’ commitment to development goals that address competence deficits, acceptance of negative feedback, and the effectiveness of coaching from managers, and is positively associated with the stress managers experience. On the other hand, employee narcissism is positively associated with employees’ aspiration levels and their satisfaction with grandiose organizational goals. Directions for future research are discussed.