Explore the selected works of Monsignor John M. Oesterreicher, scholar, theologian, principal architect of Nostra Aetate 4 and founding director of the Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies at Seton Hall University.

This unique collection not only includes the seminal work Msgr. Oesterreicher completed during his tenure at Seton Hall University (1953-1993), but also features his pioneering work during World War II. Most notably, one may read select articles from Die Erfüllung, a journal he founded in 1934 and ultimately used as a platform to publicly denounce Nazi persecution and Adolph Hitler’s glorification of race and hatred for Jews – an act that subjected him to interrogation by the Nazis and marked him as an enemy of the Reich. Msgr. Oesterreicher’s thesis, Racisme--antisémitisme, antichristianisme, documents et critique, which he completed in 1938 when he fled from his homeland of Austria to Paris to escape the Gestapo, is also published in its entirety in this series.

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Submissions from 1993


God at Auschwitz?, John M. Oesterreicher

Submissions from 1981


A Witness of God's Triumph, John M. Oesterreicher

Submissions from 1971


The Rediscovery of Judaism: A Re-Examination of The Conciliar Statement on the Jews, John M. Oesterreicher

Submissions from 1970


The People of the Covenant, Kurt Schubert

Submissions from 1969


Shalom: The Encounter of Christians and Jews and the Catholic Educator, John M. Oesterreicher

Submissions from 1954


Why Judaeo-Christian Studies?, John M. Oesterreicher

Submissions from 1947


Pro Perfidis Judaeis, John M. Oesterreicher