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Book Chapter

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January 2004

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German Literature between Faiths: Jew and Christian at Odds and in Harmony


Peter Meister


Peter Lang




In general, anti-Jewish bias in the Christian community does not go back to the New Testament (NT) itself (since its authors were Jews) but arises shortly afterward through misreadings of ambiguous passages written by these Jews. What often passes for anti-Jewish sentiment in the NT is excerpted from a dispute within the Jewish community as to what it means to be a good Jew. When cited later by non-Jews, Paul's and John's passionate wording leant itself easily to anti-Jewish interpretation.The issues in Jewish-Christian relations from 30-100 CE are complex for several reasons. This article sketches certain aspects of these questions that have an impact over the past centuries and points out how errors led to misunderstandings, alienation and, at times, persecution of the Jewish majority. We will do this by looking at five passages which typify the controversy.The copyright is held by Peter Lang. Learn more about German Literature between Faiths: Jews and Christians at Odds and in Harmony at