Selected Works of Lawrence E. Frizzell

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January 2020

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The Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies


More than four decades ago, Father Philip Rotunno founded the Good Shepherd Community at Seton Hall University, bringing families associated with his work as the first Director of Campus Ministry together with the immigrant Catholic families living in the Ivy Hill Apartments. In 1990, I took on the challenge of priestly ministry in collaboration with the well-formed group of lay leaders.The present series of essays on the pedagogical insights offered by Seton Hall's Immaculate Conception Chapel Chapel was prompted by questions of the Good Shepherd children. As I explained the elements of Catholic worship fostered by the architecture and art evinced so beautifully in this house of prayer, I looked for a description of the details that merge in a harmonious whole. Not finding any, I wrote these reflections to assist adults in developing their appreciation of the familiar scene in which we worship. The Good Shepherd Community sponsored the presentation in 1993. I am publishing them again in this new format with additions, including photographs.