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Ace Alagna


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Ronald Owens (1930-2005) enrolled in Seton Hall Law after earning his BA in political science from Rutgers in 1953, and serving in the United States Army Signal Corp from 1953-1955. Owens was admitted to the New Jersey bar in 1962. He was appointed to the Newark Board of Education for approximately 2 years starting in 1963 by Mayor Addonizio. In 1965 ran for New Jersey's state house of assembly on the Democrat A line along with Governor Hughes, Senator Williams, and Dr. Hutchins F. Inge, the first black NJ state senator. Owens was elected one of Newark's nine assemblymen, and he became the second black member of the state assembly. Owens remained in office until 1978. Owens practiced law for 26 years before being disbarred in 1988.

Bar Membership

NJ, 1962

Undergraduate Institution

Rutgers University

Undergraduate Degree


Undergraduate Major

Political Science

Undergraduate Graduation Date


Military Service

1953-1955 - United States Army Signal Corp


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