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In Episode 1, I start to introduce you to some of the legal scholars and advocates I interviewed in my research. Their remarks all come from recorded interviews that are available in full via provided links. I excerpted these specific portions to frame my approach to discussing the significance of excluding transgender youth from playing sports with their peers. In addition to causing direct harm to individuals, participation bans create broader social harms that we should find extremely concerning. If we value the provision of a well-rounded and robust primary educational experience to all children, then it strikes me as profoundly inconsistent to support cutting trans and non-binary kids out of a significant aspect of that experience. It is important to this issue that we consider what an education consists of, and the role athletics plays in our educational institutions. I am tremendously grateful to each of these individuals for the time they spent, both during their interviews and before.

This episode features clips from conversations with:

Shira Berkowitz (Organizational Bio)
Senior Director of Public Policy & Advocacy, PROMO

Erin Buzuvis (Faculty Profile)
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law, Western New England School of Law
Works referenced:

  • Erin E. Buzuvis, Including Transgender Athletes in Sex-Segregated Sport, in Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Sport: Essays from Activists, Coaches, and Scholars 23 (George B. Cunningham ed., 2012).
  • Erin Buzuvis, "As Who They Really Are": Expanding Opportunities for Transgender Athletes to Participate in Youth and Scholastic Sports, 34 L. & Ineq. 341 (2016).
  • Erin Buzuvis et. al., Sport Is for Everyone: A Legal Roadmap for Transgender Participation in Sport, 31 J. Legal Aspects of Sport 212 (2021).

Dr. Jeremy Piasecki (Organizational Bio)
Executive Director, Culture in Sports

Kurt Weaver
Chief Operating Officer, You Can Play Project

Kim Yuracko (Faculty Profile)
Judd and Mary Morris Leighton Professor of Law, Northwestern Pritzker School of Law
Works referenced:

Other articles, sources, and media referenced in this episode:

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Episode 1: More Than a Game