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Full Issue

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Spring 2013


Inside this issue:

  • Reproductive Ramifications: The U.S.’s Refusal to Ratify the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and the Damaging Collateral Consequences on the Right to Choose, Elijah Bresley
  • Surrogacy and Silence: Why State Legislatures Should Attempt to Regulate Gestational Surrogacy Agreements, Melissa Cartine
  • Pharmaceuticals, Crime, and the Constitution: Promoting Off-Label Drug Use and the First Amendment, Phillip DeFedele
  • The Losing Battle: Veterans’ Backlogged Mental Health Issues Need Reinforcements, Daniel Gilbert
  • Are You In or Out: A Possible Solution to the United States’ Organ Donation Crisis, Robert Granzen
  • The Future of Genetic Testing and the Legal and Ethical Implications of ENCODE, Melody Hsiou
  • Anti-Aging Cosmetics: The Thin Line Between Advertising Puffery and FDA Enforcement, Suzan Sanal
  • Physician Assistants in the Era of Health Reform, Nina Schuman
  • Playing Doctor: How the FDA’s Regulation of Access to Experimental Drugs Limits Patient Autonomy, Benjamin Smith



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