Volume 6, Issue 1 (2013) Fall 2012


Inside this issue:

Multi Drug-Resistant TB and Extensive Drug-Resistant TB: Regulating the Growing Crisis, Phil DeFedele

From School to the 'Real World': Transition Rights for Students with Special Needs, Kristine Kodytek

Government Tokophobia: Unjustly Denying Pregnant Women Access to Research, Joel Silver

Criminalizing Prenatal Substance Abuse: Hurting Women and Their Unborn Children, Sara Smith

Everyone Wants a Piece of Me: The Evolution of Biospecimen Research and the Regulatory World's Attempt to Keep Up, Isabel Heine

Complications of Globalization: FDA Cracks Down on Fraud in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Clarissa Gomez

Medical Malpractice Apology Law: "Don't Tell Me What Happened, Tell Me that You're Sorry", Courtney Lyons

Gaps in Affordability: A Vision of Medical Bankruptcy Through Health Care Reform, Marco Ferreira

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