Health Law Outlook

Volume 2, Issue 1 (2009) Fall 2008


Inside this issue:

New Jersey Hospitals in Need of Help: Recent Legislation to Remedy Problems, Matthew Colford

New Jersey's Health Care Reform Law S-1557: What The Law Aims to Do and Who It Will Affect, Kaitlin Semler

Seeing is Believing: The Need for Transparency in the Creation of Pandemic Preparedness Plans, Maansi Raswant

Gardasil: Medical Miracle or Merck's Myth?: Should Schools Mandate the Vaccination of School Girls?, Nicole McErlean

Riegel v. Medtronic: Supreme Court Changes Medical Device Liability, Katherine Freed

Group vs. Solo Practice: An Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages of "Going Group", Christina Hage

Health Savings Accounts: One Piece of the Puzzle, Pat Reilly

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